Policy Coherence Analysis Report (D2.1)

Policy Coherence Analysis Report (D2.1)

This report summarizes a coherence and impact analysis of policy instruments conducted in three European and three Latin-American cities or urban areas: Granollers (Spain), Chemnitz (Germany), Kraków (Poland), CBIMA (Costa Rica), Envigado (Colombia) and Portoviejo (Ecuador). The overall objective was to determine for each city, which policy instruments had the main impacts (negative or positive) on the city challenges and how well they operated together in achieving these challenges.

In addition to this overall objective and based on expressed city needs, the respective policy coherence analyses focused on aspects of policy coherence that were relevant to their specific contexts (e.g., coherence of policy instruments under development versus implemented ones, exemplary synergies between policy instruments, etc.).


Mortelmans, D. et al (2021). Policy Coherence analysis report. INTERLACE Deliverable 2.1