Aim and Objectives of INTERLACE

People in front of plant wall
Aim and Objectives of INTERLACE

The INTERLACE project aims to empower and equip European and CELAC cities to effectively restore and rehabilitate (peri)urban ecosystems towards more liveable, resilient and inclusive cities.

To this aim INTERLACE will implement the following objectives:

  • Strengthen cooperation between European and CELAC communities of practice on (peri)urban ecological restoration and rehabilitation
  • Foster participatory engagement to co-produce and promote ownership of guidelines, decision support systems and tools for the design, construction and monitoring of cost-effective restorative NBS
  • Build on existing knowledge, experiences and good practices from EU and CELAC cities on urban ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation
  • Increase the capacity of local governments to implement integrated and ecologically coherent urban planning and governance approaches responding to their needs and challenges
  • Mobilise existing European and CELAC city and regional networks to inspire and support sustained multi-directional learning and exchange on restorative NBS
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of healthy (peri)urban ecosystems for social, cultural and economic wellbeing