Inauguration of the Krakow Metropolis Action Group (MAG)

Inauguration of the Krakow Metropolis Action Group (MAG)

15 municipalities of the Krakow Metropolis and several other partners established the Metropolitan Action Group (MAG) as part of the INTERLACE project. The inaugural meeting was held online on March 18, 2021.  The goal of this Local City Network Accelerator is to cooperate in order to renew and strengthen natural areas in the Metropolis.

The event was attended by 31 people representing all 15 municipalities, the Krakow Metropolis Association, the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region, other public institutions, partner organizations: Ecologic Institute and the Sendzimir Foundation, as well as scientists.
The participants learnt about the INTERLACE, various opportunities to cooperate within the project and defined their expectations and links to their professional activities. They also discussed the challenges faced by their municipalities.

They agreed that nature based solutions are the right direction, but in order for them to be effective it is necessary to create a whole network of interconnected green areas that will ensure the continuity of ecosystems. MAG participants also pointed to environmental education as another very important task. They are convinced that it is necessary to involve local community and raise public awareness of the various benefits of properly protected green areas. Otherwise ther will not be enough public

The event was proceeded by an original invitation to cooperate in the LCAN: Krakow Metropolis Association provided each municipality with a “forest in a jar” which can be seen on the photo above. Media was informed about the meeting through a press release.