Kicking-off INTERLACE activities in Portoviejo

PR event Portoviejo
Kicking-off INTERLACE activities in Portoviejo

In order to present the INTERLACE project to the wider public in Portoviejo a press conference with the participation of Mr Mayor Agustín Casanova was held in the City Hall on 18 March. The launch of the project was accompanied by a video presenting INTERLACE project and its planned activities in the city. Mr Nicolas Salmon from YES Innovation, gave an extensive interview about the project's planned activities in the city.

The INTERLACE CNA kick-off event took place on the same day. Stakeholders from civil society and public and private institutions set a basis for long-time cooperation in the project and discussed the focus of the project locally. The participants presented their perspective and previous work relative the the river and their willingness to participate to the local activities.

In Portoviejo, INTERLACE will focus on the restoration of the Portoviejo river corridor and its integration into the urban fabric. The river is a great natural backbone in the city, and although Portoviejo benefits from some successful experiences of its urban integration it remains highly natural in the urban area. The local CNA members took part in a local site visit in the Las Vegas Park where nature-based solutions were previously successfully applied.