3rd INTERLACE stakeholder workshop on bike!

Chemnitz on a bike
3rd INTERLACE stakeholder workshop on bike!

The 3rd INTERLACE stakeholder workshop on bike was held on September 16th in Chemnitz. During 5 km bicycle-tour ten stakeholders got insights into five NBS projects in Chemnitz. The tour started with a presentation by the Urban Development Office of the City Chemnitz on the development around the Auepark (Uferpark).

In the next stop, representatives of District Management downtown and Chemnitz Grünt presented a flowering meadow that serves not only the conservation of domestic plant and insect species, but also as a social meeting point for the local residents. The tour continued by a visit to the project “Dolphin” (Projekt Delphin) where a pilot project is currently established using plants as water filter for aqua ponds (used for urban fish farming).

Later, Max Krombholz (INTERLACE coordinator at the City Chemnitz) presented the result of the project developed with stakeholders of the NUMIC project together with residents. Max explained the process of rebuilding selected street corners in order to rebuild and transform them into meeting and harvesting spaces.The workshop ended with a presentation of Citizen platform Mitte-Ost representatives. They shared with the audience the highlights of the Citizen Park Gablenz project (Bürgerpark Gablenz Projekt).