A human bike: The World Environment Day at CBIMA

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A human bike: The World Environment Day at CBIMA

On June 5th, Costa Rica commemorates as do many other countries, the World Environment Day. In the Local Committee of the Interurban Biological Corridor Maria Aguilar (CBIMA), this day marks the beginning of the Month of the Environment, in which different celebrations take place to raise awareness of the importance of the care and protection of the environment for all live on earth.


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On the occasion of this years World Environment Day, and in light of the World Bicycle Day on June 3rd, CBIMA joined forces with different organisations for a mass biking event. Together with the Municipalies of Montes de Oca, Curridabat and San José, the Ministry of Public Safety, the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism as well as groups of cyclists and local companies, this event aimed to increase the understanding of the bicycle as an environmentally friendly means of transportation and urban development that that includes a critical rethinking of current ways of mobility.

With the help of more than 1000 participants, from childern to the eldery, a human figure was formed, making it a successful event with a greater outreach than initially expected.