Reimagining Urban Spaces: Nature-Based Solutions for Inclusive Transformations in Europe and Latin America

Rome River
Reimagining Urban Spaces: Nature-Based Solutions for Inclusive Transformations in Europe and Latin America
INTERLACE Final Conference in Granollers, Spain

Nature-based solutions offer a powerful approach to help cities combat challenges such as urban sprawl, climate change, and pollution. By leveraging the regenerative power of nature, these solutions can restore degraded or damaged ecosystems, enhancing resilience against environmental threats and providing multiple benefits to society. Collaborative, action-driven research efforts involving policymakers, practitioners, and communities can facilitate the co-creation of knowledge, ensuring that solutions are grounded in local contexts and aligned with broader sustainability goals.

Organised by the EU-funded INTERLACE project on urban ecosystem restoration in Europe and Latin America, the event will foster dynamic discussions and share innovative practices from both regions. It will showcase learnings and resources around urban ecosystem restoration and nature-based solution planning and monitoring, inclusive stakeholder engagement and community participation, policy and governance, action-driven research, and cross-continental cooperation.

The conference will feature a mix of interactive sessions and hands-on workshops, inputs from experts and thought leaders in the field, and site visits to experience successfully implemented nature-based solutions.

Who Should Attend? 

This event is tailored to all city makers - individuals passionate about creating greener, more inclusive urban environments! This includes representatives of local governments and NGOs, urban planners, researchers, and activists as well as policymakers, architects, institutional funders and representatives of EU institutions. Participation in the event is free of charge.

Why Attend?

  • Learning and Inspiration: Deepen your understanding of urban nature-based solutions and gather fresh ideas for your work.

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals and potential partners for future projects.

  • Promotion: Promote your own work, city, or initiatives to a broad audience of experts and stakeholders from Europe, Latin America and beyond. 

Register now: 

Register here and join us in reimagining urban spaces together through nature-based solutions! Registered participants will receive further information, including opportunities to contribute to the conference programme, as they become available.